What They’ve Said.

Seven years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Profit when he approached the Sigma Table at the MCAE kickoff the first week of college. After joining Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. the second semester of his freshman year in the Spring 2011, three months into the organization, Profit was already holding a national position in the organization as the International Collegiate Member at Large. He concurrently served as Chapter President for the local chapter—Pi Eta. He took the chapter to new heights through the experience gained from serving on the General Board. In 2013, he was elected by the Brotherhood as the International 2nd Vice President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., a position which made him the 3rd most powerful Sigma in the fraternity. He had the opportunity to lead the whole brotherhood into the organizations Centennial Year. I’ve had the opportunity to see him receive high praise from brothers all across the world, old and young, thanking him for his hard work and dedication to our organization. Words cannot express how proud I am of Profit Idowu. He always finishes what he starts and finishes it well! Profit represents Minnesota with class, honor, and respect. The sky is the limit for this young professional.

Sam Ndely

State Director, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

What an impressive young gentleman Profit is. He made real contributions to his department and our company during his internship. From the moment I first met him and through the entire summer program, Profit was bright, motivated and very professional.

Josh Youman

Vice President of Talent Management, Magnet 360

Profit was one of the bright students selected to be a part of the first intern class at Magnet 360. He was polished and confident and with his drive to succeed, he accomplished a great deal during his internship. We felt fortunate to have him at Magnet 360 this summer.

Amy J. Burnstein

Manager of Talent Acquisition - Technical Recruiting and Strategy, Magnet 360

Profit was a student in my Spring 2013 class on personal leadership. Profit is an outstanding individual in many ways, and his strengths quickly come to the surface! He is a talented speaker and presenter, he is enthusiastic in his efforts, he naturally encourages and recognizes talent in others, and he is skilled in building community and connection with others! Beyond all this, however, I found Profit to be VERY OPEN to feedback and guidance. On more than one occasion, he jumped on opportunities for growth and achievement that I mentioned to him in passing, and his initiative took me by surprise. Profit is self-reflective, driven, compassionate, and would be an asset to any team.

Orkideh Mohajeri

Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

Profit Idowu! Many great things can be said about this young and aspiring individual. I have had multiple opportunities to witness Profit’s innate ability to succeed in many situations and environments. From his days as a high school student to an accomplished University Undergraduate, he displays intelligence through determination, fervent focus and strong work ethic. There are those who are destined to succeed; and there are those who are determined to succeed. Profit is both. In just a short time, he has demonstrated limitless potential to succeed. Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (2014), Profit will be fully prepared and equipped to succeed at the next phase in his life.

Justice P. Sikakane, Sr.

Certified Salesforce.com Administrator, Cargill

Profit is a self-made man with ambition like no other. One of his greatest qualities is punctuality. Rest assured that the job will get done in his hands. He has the ability to produce results in a timely fashion while possessing creativity like no other—a combination not found in many.

Thomas Affolter

Mechanical Insulator, International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators – Local 34