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And the 32 Under 32 Nominees for 2022 are…

April 21, 2022

118 nominees for consideration in this year’s Ad 2 32 Under 32 competition and I’m thankful to be counted in the number.

Navigating black manhood with mentorship, self-discovery and ‘sankofa’

February 27, 2020

Ten initiates perfected their routine with sharp arms and crisp stomps in unison. Step coach Profit Idowu, an alum of the program, said he came back to Rites of Passage because he wants to pass on the lessons he absorbed.

Native Land Acknowledgement

June 12, 2019

Photography credit on Inviting you to consider the land on which you live and the confluence of legacies that bring you to stand where you are with your own community.

What We Inherit and What We Pass On: A Conversation with Terese Marie Mailhot

April 26, 2018

Photography credit on Featured in a blog post written by Kristin Lin (Editor at On Being).

Digital platform Shortiez brings diversity to children’s storytelling

April 7, 2018

Photography credit in Rolling Out Magazine. I shot Mondo Davison a.k.a “The Black Tech Guy” for a featured story on the publication. 

Gary Vee Q&A at iHop in Minneapolis, Minnesota

February 3, 2018

I had an opportunity to ask “Mr. Self Awareness” himself a question and here’s the advice he shared after taking a friendly jab at my name.

Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Career Advancement and the Job Search

February 1, 2018

Featured as a guest on a webinar that covered ten “dos and don’ts” when leveraging social media for career and personal branding purposes. We discussed best practices, discovered some new tricks, and learned from others’ mistakes.

The Princess Bride Star Cary Elwes Revives His Famous Role in New Ad for Culligan Water

January 5, 2018

Agency credit with Fallon. Culligan International’s first national advertising campaign in 50 years—we even created an Alexa Skill to help kick off the multi-year campaign for the brand.

Chadwick Phillips talks about the importance of your creative brand

January 2, 2018

Photo credit in Rolling Out Magazine. I had the opportunity to shoot Chadwick “Niles” Phillips debut album cover featured in this interview.

Elevate Your Network Happy Hour: Men of Distinction Series

October 6, 2017

A local happy hour surveyed members of the community in order to start it’s own tradition and included me the mix of its honoree’s. That year it recognized Minnesota men who personified the definition—”Men of Distinction.”

The Power of Nine Keynote Speech at The Tony Diggs Awards

April 4, 2017

College students have 9-months to R.U.L.E. their canvas and use momentum and motivation to make an impact in the community. This was my advice and encouragement to the award recipients of the night.

The Crosswalk of My Nigerian-American Life

November 18, 2016

We come across people and chance encounters every single day. Do we take the time to acknowledge the stories (and bodies) that come into our line of sight?   

9th Annual Equity and Diversity Breakfast — Keynote Speech

November 17, 2016

Intersecting crosswalks of life as told from my eyes and experience. 

Fallon turns fans’ hilarious home movies into ads for sports apparel brand

July 13, 2016

Agency credit with Fallon. The first national campaign for Fanatics which aired during the ESPY awards that year

Student Ad Summit: Takeaways

February 27, 2016

Tweet-able advice from the Student Ad Summit held at the University of Minnesota every year: “Be proud of the work you do, don’t feel that any task is beneath you… Do them all with the same energy and pride. If you’re working on a team, make it collaborative. You have to work with them as much as they have to work with you.”

Experience Minnesota: 4 Thought Jewels Keynote Speech

October 10, 2015

With over 1,000 high school students in attendance, I shared tips and lessons learned throughout my college career to aid future Gophers on their educational journey.

Three who did it in four (pg. 25)

September 1, 2015

“At the U, says Idowu, he got the education his mother had dreamed of for him. But that was just the start. ‘I learned how to be a better student,’ he says. ‘But I also learned how to be a better leader and a better person.” —Article by University of Minnesota Alumni Association (Erin Peterson)

Class of 2018 New Student Convocation 

August 28, 2015

Selected out of a small interview pool, I was fortunate to speak to over 5,000 new freshman and welcome them to the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. 

Men of Sigma promote literacy at Oakes Field Primary

November 13, 2014

Members of the International General Board of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. along with local brothers held an interactive reading session with over 600 students at Oakes Field Primary School to promote literacy. It’s the first time the meeting was held outside of the United States in 100 years. I was responsible for Mrs. Cash’s first-grade class. —Article by Bahamas Press

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. reinforces its commitment to eradicate and lead the campaign nationally against hazing

August 25, 2014

“We recently celebrated a monumental occasion within our fraternity’s history. We must stay steadfast in the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, and service as college educated men,” said Profit Idowu, International Second Vice President, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and Anti-Hazing Campaign Vice-Chairman.” —Article by Houston Style Magazine (Jo-Carolyn Goode)

Presenting Honorary Member Al Roker with Fraternity Jacket on Today Show

January 9, 2014

On the day Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. turned 100 years old, we gifted a jacket to Al Roker on national TV.

Multicultural fraternities showcase stepping. Phi Beta Sigma participates in the Midwest Greek Step Show.

September 30, 2013

“Profit Idowu, Phi Beta Sigma president, said the step show is important for showcasing multicultural fraternities and sororities on campus, because they aren’t always well-known. We do a lot of innovative things that go unseen and sometimes get pushed behind the curtains, he said.” —Article by Minnesota Daily (Melissa Berman)

U of M Huntley House gives support, guidance to Black male students — Residence named after leader of 1969 Morrill Hall takeover.

July 13, 2013

“They were a band of brothers — boys right out of high school — embracing their first year together. They wanted to do things together,” said Huntley House Community Advisor Profit Idowu about his new mentees.” —Article by Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (Lauretta Dawolo Towns)

Multicultural Chapters Increase Campus Involvement

February 29, 2012

“Prior to the creation of the MGC, there was nothing in place to foster a relationship with the IFC or PHC,” Idowu said. “But with the MGC we are making the framework. We are building a foundation that will set the bar of expectations and standards.” —Article by Nickalas Tabbert.

Stepping into manhood

March 26, 2010

“Celebration and tears mix at the Rites of Passage coming-of-age program. On a recent Saturday evening, 20 young men, all with their own stories of struggle and striving, marched triumphantly into the ballroom of the downtown Minneapolis Marriott to the sound of African drumming.” —Article by Rohan Preston, Star Tribune.

A very big night for Woodbury

September 4, 2009

“Woodbury’s Profit Idowu returned the very first kickoff in Raptors’ history 89 yards for a touchdown to put the Royals up 7-0 on the extra point just 15 seconds into the game.” —Article by Woodbury Newsroom.