Lessons from the 2023 Mid-Atlantic MarCom Summit

From cultural insights for marketers to AI and more.

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A Simpler Take on Amazon’s Ad Announcement

Longing for less with Amazon's latest outreach to its members.

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Lateral Thinking is an Exercise for Creativity

Break natural tendencies for bias with Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking.

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Strength in Chosen Family

Trevor Noah and Kerry Washington unpack a shocking secret shared in her memoir.

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Creating High-Value Client Exchanges

A story from the guy who created the term "Wi-Fi" and 5 key takeaways from the 4A's "Confidently Sell Your Ideas"…

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What Now? Begins with Us.

Trevor Noah and The Rock talk through lessons in public discourse and public backlash.

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Don’t increase the size of the logo, make the idea bigger

The Farmer's Dog became the first-ever dog food company to place #1 on the 2023 Super Bowl Ad Meter by USA Today.

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The Soil and Rocks Beneath Our Feet

What if we brushed off the effects of assimilation and entered into a relationship with our land that allows us to seek…

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A social media post doesn’t honor MLK, action does.

On days like this, I think back to a time in our nation's history where the trailblazers of our past warred to make…

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The Digital Project Manager School: Is It Worth It?

Despite its impressive stats and offers to get you "certified," is The Digital Project Manager School worth it?

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