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one Trick Pony

I help lead and guide teams, big & small, towards bringing their products and projects to market. Working on employee initiatives like diversity and inclusion programs, all the way to creating advertising campaigns. Very often, I also help companies improve their content strategy and create media that supports engagement. While handling that work, I pick up another role and drive growth by managing CRM enabled fundraising and email marketing campaigns. I even make time to run a small photo business in my hours out of office.


Account Leadership

I deliver client and team success. Current on project management best practices with agile-inspired workflows. Strong communication skills—listening, presenting, writing and self-awareness. 

Brand Development

This is an infinite game and it’s more than just a logo. I take into consideration above-the-line and below-the-line activities that not only influence affinity, but lean towards the kind that make emotional connection. 


Information Architecture

I’m attentive to the data a company acquires, is not only protected and up to privacy standards, but also bears fruit for the IRL and online communities I serve. 

Business & Content Strategy

Before we create anything, I enjoy playing a part in setting the direction. Casting a vision for people to decide how they want to work, enroll, and participate. 

Product & Project Management

As an aspiring subject matter expert, I have a proven track record of owning initiatives and getting things out the door. Need something shipped? Consider it handled.   

Photography & Rich Media

Better than your average filter or Instagram photographer. I put life into my work and use visuals as a way of interpreting the wonder right in front of my eyes. 

I’m not in aviation, but I direct creative projects

like air traffic control.

Integrated Marketing Communications Development

I plan and execute tasks independently as well as part of a team to solve problems, create strategic marketing campaigns, and bring organizational goals to life

Always Connecting the Dots

I’m always looking for ways to improve internal creative processes. This includes relationships across teams and vendors. Playing an active role in shaping how teams run, solidifying and strengthening partnerships, and striving to implement friction-less workflow.

Certified to Remove Roadblocks 

When they happen (and they’re guaranteed to happen), I’m not the type of person to give up on the first try. I resolve scheduling conflicts, review and re-prioritize milestones when necessary, and ensure changes are communicated across teams and partners so a project stays on track. 

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